📚Reading Challenges I’m Doing in 2019!!📚

52 Books in 52 Weeks

I need to read more since I hardly ever do anymore. I love all the prompts and the idea of searching for a book to fit some prompts!

Color Coded Challenge

This also seems like a fun challenge, finding books with colors as titles or with cover os specific colors. I love colored books and it should add more life to my book case!

Mount TBR Challenge

I have soooo many books that I still haven’t begun to read. For this challenge, the books have to have been bought prior to 2019. I hope to get through many of my books.

The Levels of This Challenge

  • Pike’s Peak – 12 books
  • Mont Blanc – 24 books
  • Mt. Vancouver – 36 books
  • Mt. Ararat – 48 books
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro – 60 books
  • El Toro – 75 books
  • Mt. Everest – 100 books
  • Mt Olympus (Mars) – 150+ books

Virtual Mount TBR Challenge

Not only do I have so many books in my bookshelf that I have yet to read, but I have way more books that I want to read. I have hundreds of books hundreds of books on that list (though I don’t think I’ll get through them all).

The Levels of This Challenge

  • Mt. Rum Doodle – 12 books
  • Mt. Crunpit – 24 books
  • Mt. Munch – 36 books
  • White Plume Mountain – 48 books
  • Stormness Head – 60 books
  • Mt. Mindolluin – 75 books
  • Mt. Seleya – 100 books
  • Mt. Olympus – 150+ books

Alphabet Soup

There’s so many books to read and I’d love to see if I can find a book for each letter of the alphabet.

Pop Sugar Challenge

Like the 52 books challenge I love these prompts!! Some of them overlap too which is pretty great, but I can’t wait to read books with these prompts!


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