💫2019—Reflections and Resolutions💫


As I’m writing this, it is the 2nd day of 2019. I’m actually quite excited to see what 2019 will hold. 2018 wasn’t so great but I’m hoping 2019 is a year of growth and learning self-love.

This Blog

So, I started this blog, originally on Wix, back in July. I posted a couple reviews and some stuff about bullet journaling. After some time of not posting, I decided to try out WordPress which was so much easier to use so I stuck with it. I originally wanted to post every week but so far that hasn’t happened…


On my main Instagram, @edensreadingcorner, it started the year as a shitposting/fan account. Towards the end of the last school year it became more of a niche account for a couple months before sinking back to shitposting. Then, at the end of the year, I made it a bookstagram account. A couple weeks ago, I temporarily deactivated it because I needed a little break but soon I should have it back up and running.

On my personal Instagram, @meganne_7, I began posting about once a week. I’ve been learning more about photography and it’s been fun.


I didn’t really get to read this year on my own time. Outside of school, I may have finished a few books and that’s it. I’m pretty disappointed about that. I used to read so much when I was younger but once I entered high school it became so hard to find the time to read.


This year I didn’t get much of my personal writing done. I’ve written a few chapters of the novel I’ve had in the works for a while (more on that another time). I’ve also written some short stories and poems that I’ve had in mind for a while.

Bullet Journaling

This year I started my first BuJo back in April. There were many times that I’d slack off with it. There were whole months that I didn’t write in it. Despite this, I filled the whole notebook which I’m pretty proud of, but I wish I’d been more on top of it.


This Blog

For 2019, I would like to start updating this blog more. I’d like to post more about makeup and my BuJo and about books. I’d like to post more about entertainment and I’d like to post when I travel. I’m actually quite excited to see where this will take me.


For @edensreadingcorner, I’d really like to grow the following. I don’t know if I’m going to keep up the Bookstagram or not but either way, I want to connect more with my followers.

For @meganne_7, I’d really like to take photo shoots with my friends more often. They’re so fun and we all love playing around with cameras and seeing how nice the shots turn out. I’m saving up for a camera this year and I really hope I get it.


This year I want to read lots and lots of books. I want to fill up the challenges I decided to partake in. I want to try and read at least 52 books.


This year, I want to publish my first book whether it’s a novel or a collection of short stories and poems.

Bullet Journaling

This year, I plan to write in my bullet journal every day and this time, I mean it.

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