About Me

Hi! I’m Éden. I’m non-binary and go by they/them pronouns. I’m also panromantic-asexual. I’m half-French and half-Egyptian. You may not find these very important, but I find they are a huge part of my identity and who I am.

At the very beginning of elementary school, I was put in an ELD class because English wasn’t my first language. That ended up inspiring me to try hard when it came to reading, and eventually, my reading level rose to a high school reading level a few years later while I was still in elementary school. In middle school, I didn’t really have friends and began reading as a way of escaping the harsh reality that I lived in. I eventually discovered fan fiction and Wattpad. Writing fan fiction eventually developed into writing actual stories.

I have gone to the WriteOut camp, started by Ally Condie and I am also taking journalism at my high school where I am currently an editor of our school Magazine.

This blog is going to mainly focus and reading and writing though that won’t be all. Thank you for spending your time and reading this!

E-Mail: edensreadingcorner@gmail.com