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TOP 05

My Top 05 Favorite Authors


Rick Riordan

Almost everyone has heard of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Those books were what got me into RickRiordan’s books in the first place. Percy Jackson had the perfect amount of sassiness and sarcasm within him, turning him into an instantly likable character. Since that first series, Rick Riordan has gone on to also write the Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, and Magnus Chase and the Norse Gods books series. His books have gotten progressively more inclusive over time, including a gay Nico di Angelo, a bisexual Apollo, a genderfluid Alex Fierro, and more. This is extremely important in a world where minorities receive little to no representation.


Soman Chainani

I first discovered his book series, The School for Good and Evil, when I was in sixth grade. My friend got me the first book for my birthday and since then that book series has meant the world to me. The line between Good and Evil has always been blurred for me. Sure, I did want the hero to win, but if an author included the backstory of the “evil” character, I’d begin to empathize with them and I’d become conflicted about which side I hoped would vanquish the other in the end. The School for Good and Evil was all about the gray area between them. His books are rarely predictable and his imagery is quite well written.


Cassandra Clare

I discovered her books a few years ago when I heard people talking about them. Her characters are quite lovable and are relatable in different aspects. Each of her books contains comical, dramatic, and romantic aspects and they contain surprises too. She’s expanded the world of The Shadowhunter Chronicles by going back in time to the 1900s in The Infernal Devices to explore the ancestors of the characters in The Mortal Instruments. She’s shown Magnus Bane’s past in The Bane Chronicles. She’s shown the lives of other Shadowhunters in The Dark Artifices. Her future book series, The Last Hours, will be about the generation following the characters of The Infernal Devices. And all the other companion series, The Eldest Curses, Ghosts of the Shadow Market, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, and her companion book, The Shadowhunter Codex. She has also co-written The Magisterium Series with Holly Black and several other short fiction pieces.


Marissa Meyer

I discovered Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles through one of my friends back in middle school. I found her books extremely interesting because they were a futuristic twist on fairy tales told in a whole new manner. Her characters were truly amazing and her books really took you on a ride.


V. E. Schwab

I first discovered her books when my friend recommended that I read A Darker Shade of Magic. I instantly fell in love with it. I love her writing style, especially for adult fantasy. The Shades of Magic series was a Victorian-era fantasy that focused on multiple worlds layered on top of each other. It is definitely worth the read.